Revision Material



These are the handouts you have been given in class by your teacher and should be used in addition to your class notes.



revision-tips.doc revision-tips.doc

top-10-exam-tips.pdf top-10-exam-tips.pdf

active-revision-techniques.doc active-revision-techniques.doc

how-do-we-revise-geography.docx how-do-we-revise-geography.docx 

Unit 1 Calendar QuestionsUnit 1 Calendar Questions (32.2 KB)

Unit 1 quick questions and answersUnit 1 quick questions and answers (1.72 MB)

Unit 2 quick questions and answersUnit 2 quick questions and answers (256.5 KB)

Gcse Geography Exam HelpGcse Geography Exam Help (161.62 KB)

Command words and marks awardedCommand words and marks awarded (71.14 KB)

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